• Domicillary Care

    The aim of good quality domiciliary care must always be to promote a way of life for service users which permits them to enjoy, to the greatest possible extent, their rights as individual human beings.

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  • Training & Development

    We offer our staff a range of training which is relevant to their induction, foundation experience and further development. The Common Induction Standards (CIS) are referenced in Section 14 of the ‘Essential Standards of Quality and Safety’ developed by Care Quality Commission (CQC), which are part of the legislative framework of the Health and Social…

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  • Services

    OnDuty 24 Healthcare Agency is for those clients who see the value in having a smart partner to support them and to help resolve their recruitment problems faster, resulting in increased productivity and revenue.

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Why Join Our Healthcare Agency ?

We take pride in offering training and development to our staff. Our vision is to constantly improve our quality and to revolutionise the way agencies are run.

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What Our Client’s Say

Healthcare Agency

OnDuty 24 Healthcare Agency provides both temporary and permanent healthcare staff and support workers to hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare establishments.

OnDuty 24 Healthcare Agency is committed to providing staff that are recruited in compliance with the CQC and the National Minimum Standards.

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